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This is a true story on how Gateshead Citizens Advice Bureau tried to make me, a client of theirs, homeless after being forced through an unfair trial, which I believe was also a cover up by the Great British (il)Legal System.



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I have decided to build this website to explain how I feel like I have had a long ongoing legal battle against the world.

It seems like a battle that can't be won.

You might ask why it can't be won.

The reason is, is because the courts, which are part of the Great British (il)Legal System, were involved in a fraudulent document becoming legally binding against me, a brain injury victim.


Since then, the only thing the courts have done is stop the victim from obtaining justice!


And the reason why I have had to make this site myself, is because all media outlets who I have shared this true story with, either remain silent, or tell me that they cannot report this true story for litigation reasons.


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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