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I have seen a lot of solicitors regarding this ridiculous predicament that I have been placed into by Dunlop Tyres Ltd, Wragge & Co solicitors, CAB and the H M Courts and Tribunals Service.


Remember, it was those parties who organised, submitted and allowed a fraudulent document/false instrument to become legally binding!


Some solicitors just shake their heads and say it is all wrong, but nothing can be done!


But lots of solicitors say that this situation I have been forced into is a disgrace and advise me to see my MP.


I have seen a few MP’s over the years, so I will go through a few things before I say where I am at now with my current MP.


The first MP who I spoke to about this was Joyce Quin.  She could not believe the way all my rights had been taken away from me by Dunlop Tyres Ltd, Wragge & Co solicitors, CAB and the H M Courts and Tribunals Service.  She agreed that this must be placed back in court to be looked at again.


She helped me achieve this by making sure that a preliminary hearing took place.


But the outcome was not good.  The Chairman of that hearing was the same person who allowed the fraudulent document/false instrument to become legally binding in the first place!  (See more about that unfair and disgusting hearing on the Employment Tribunals page, part 2.)


I was then advised by various solicitors to start legal proceedings against my representative for professional negligence and misrepresentation.


I was given a certain amount of help to start legal proceedings, whilst applying for Legal Aid at the same time.


I will state that Labour were in government at the time when lots of people’s right to Legal Aid was taken away from them.


I believe I was one of the first to have these rights taken away, because neither the District Judge who was dealing with my case at the time, solicitors, the Legal Services Commission or my MP could understand why I was not entitled to Legal Aid.


My MP at that time was Sharon Hodgson.


District Judge Large was ordering me to see my MP to make sure I would get Legal Aid, because he knew that I was not capable of representing myself at such a complex trial.  He knew it was violating my Human Rights.


But it seemed like I was going round in circles trying to get Legal Aid.


  • My MP, Sharon Hodgson, claimed all she could do was write to the Ministry of Justice Office.

  • Ministry of Justice Office kept on saying it was the Legal Services Commission who makes the decisions and not the government.

  • And the Legal Services Commission kept on saying that I used to be entitled to Legal Aid, but am not now because of the changes the Labour Party who were in government had made.


District Judge Large was in total disbelief at what was happening.  He made a statement making it clear that I was being treated disgracefully and how an unfair trial would take place, which meant my Human Rights were being violated.


He stated the above into a microphone so that it was recorded inside of a hearing and advised me to apply for a transcript at what he had stated, for me to use in future court proceedings. 


I applied for the transcript on numerous occasions, but carried on being refused.  I was repeatedly told by judges in court that the transcript I was applying for was not in the public’s best interests!


District Judge Large also made it clear that I should contact my MP regarding this situation, because he felt that the government had to sort this violation of my Human Rights out.


After following the courts instructions to contact my MP:-


  • Sharon Hodgson banned me from ever entering into her surgery. 

  • Sharon Hodgson told me that every letter I write to her will just be put in the bin. 

  • Sharon Hodgson told me that if I ever phone her surgery number I will be hung up on. 


I did try phoning and was always hung up on!


From that point onwards, all my Human Rights were taken away from me and had to proceed into a totally unfair trial.


Because I have all the proof that I have been treated unlawfully in this country, I never accepted the judgement in court.


After speaking with lots of advisors, solicitors, etc on what has happened, they carried on saying that this must be brought up with my MP.  But it couldn’t because my MP, Sharon Hodgson would not move from her stance regarding me.


Both her and all elected councillors refused to have any contact with me!


I believed that to take this up with another MP, I had to move home.  So part of the reason why I moved home was to hopefully contact a better MP.


I moved to home and became a constituent of Blaydon.


Dave Anderson was my new MP.


By this time Gateshead Citizens Advice Bureau were making it clear that they would be taking legal action against me to make me homeless.


I informed Dave Anderson to the disgusting background of my true story and how I continued to be advised to seek assistance of an MP by solicitors and advocates.


Dave Anderson became involved and tried to broker negotiations between me and CAB. 


As a result, CAB tried to fleece me out of twice as much as what there court costs were (see full story, part 6 on website for details).


Through my MP, I then had contact with Lord Charlie Falconer QC, who was disgusted by my story and came to see me twice, to give me as much advice as he could.  Again, everything was dismissed by Gateshead CAB.


During this time, Dave Anderson retired and I had a new MP called Liz Twist.


I was in the process of Gateshead CAB trying to evict from my property (see full story, part 7 on website for details), when Liz Twist somehow negotiated with CAB and their solicitors to withdraw from the proceedings and place everything on “Stay”.


So it is thanks to my MP, Liz Twist, why I still live in the home that I bought!


I have made it clear to my MP that I have all the proof that I am a victim of fraud and will never accept the courts decisions and what has happened to me. 


I was asked by my MP if I would be prepared to go to parliament to discuss this horrendous situation that I have been forced to live through, because a fraudulent document/false instrument that became legally binding upon me by the courts, with other members of parliament.  I said that I would, but because of Covid-19, everything seems to be on hold.



 is helping CAB make me homeless
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