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Attempted Set Up by Northumbria Police

After being struck out of court against Northumbria Police, I was told that I had reached the end of the road; both, small claims against the police, and for being a victim of fraud.

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I did not give up.  I carried on fighting for justice.


Since then, I have proved that recent judges in the court of law have been purposely perverting the course of justice by stating in their judgment the opposite of the evidence provided.



I will hopefully come to that on another day!

I have another serious problem to deal with at this moment in time.


Whilst the legal action was ongoing, both Northumbria Police and the judges, who work within the courts, were making it clear to me that they were not happy with what I was doing to obtain justice.


Like stated in a previous page on this site - - the police were being abusive and discriminatory against me.


I remember them stating the following things to me:-

1.  “That they will have me”


2.  “They would make sure I regret taking the force             on for the rest of my life”.

That was part of the information/evidence that I was refused to obtain by the way of a Court Order because it was not in the public’s best interest according to a judge.

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A lot more nasty things were said to me, but I took threats like that with a pinch of salt.  Or it was like water off a ducks back to me.  I wasn’t bothered by it.



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How Threats Turned Into Reality

About the same time as those threats were made by Northumbria Police, a set up occurred.


I do not want to speak about it much because I am writing this before I go to court.  I might place a link to a true statement of what actually happened if/when I can.  (See below)

So if this puts me in jail, then do not believe what the media writes!


I will say as much as possible without going into detail.


It was approximately May/June 2020 when discrimination, abuse and threats occurred by Northumbria Police towards me.


It was June/July 2020 when the attempted set up started against me.

No doubt Northumbria Police will claim it is all a coincidence.  There is nothing I can do to prove that it was not a coincidence because the courts stopped me from obtaining evidence when I placed a Court Order.  So evidence to prove whether it was or was not a coincidence remains hidden by the courts.

When I realized that I was being set up, I made it clear to whoever it was that I knew this was a staged set up (entrapment).  I put it in writing (on record).  But that statement no longer exists according to Northumbria Police.


Approximately a week later, the same people came back and tried to set me up again.


At that time I did not know it was the police.  Because like I said, I took their threats with a pinch of salt.

I thought, whoever this was, were trying to purposely set up any vulnerable adult.  So I thought I had a duty to protect other vulnerable adults.


I admit that I led whoever was trying to set me up astray.  I will repeat, to protect other vulnerable adults, such as brain injury victims like me.  Brain injury victims who have short term memory problems.


Vulnerable adults, like me, will understand why I did what I did.  But judge and jury will not because they are not brain injury victims!

I did as much as I could and eventually, whoever it was gave up on the attempted planned set up.

The set up failed!


The failed, attempted set up stopped around September/October 2020, which was just after I was struck out of the courts against Northumbria Police.  Which no doubt, the police will claim that it was just another coincidence.


So it was at the exact same times, as I was attempting to take Northumbria Police to court and their attempted set up on me, occurred!

One night in November 2020, I was arrested approximately 1:30 in the morning.


I was totally confused at what was happening.


About 11 o clock in the morning, without any sleep and still confused, a solicitor came to see me and explained what I had been arrested for.


After what he stated; I gave my reaction by making it clear that this was an attempted set up by someone and has only happened once.  Because of that, I could remember everything about it.  During that conversation, I was informed that it was the police who were acting as a decoy for the set up.


I made it clear that that was entrapment.  The solicitor agreed, but stated how entrapment is illegal in America, but totally legal in the UK.

It took Northumbria Police about 2 years to charge me.


I am in no doubt that the police have taken this long to charge me to purposely alter evidence that they are using against me.


All solicitors and barristers state that everything that has went on in the past (the big picture) between me and Northumbria Police will have to remain ignored.


This means that if someone from Northumbria Police holds a grudge against someone and wants to cause trouble for whom they have a grudge against, then that will remain secret in court!


Northumbria Police now claim that their operatives who attempted to set me up should remain anonymous.


This means that I cannot prove if this is someone who holds a grudge against me and if it is connected to the big picture.

Statement for trial

This is still going on, days before trial, as I write this article.


So I will have to walk into a court where the prosecution will remain anonymous.  The way this came across to me in court was that any statement they make cannot be challenged and has to be accepted as the truth by the jury!


This means the actual truth cannot be believed by the jury in court.

I will state again - if this puts me in jail, then do not believe what the media writes!


This is something I never realised was allowed to happen inside the British courts.


If this happens, then I believe this to be more proof that I am a victim of-



 is helping CAB make me homeless
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