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I will start by saying that I do not understand why I am actually here.


That is because, and I will make it clear to you, no criminal offence has been committed!


So if no crime has been committed then what have I been charged for?


I have been charged because the police believe that I thought I was breaking the law.


Whereas nothing can be further from the truth!


So the police want you to make a judgment based on them being able to read my mind.


I am certain that this is something that even they are not capable of!


I will also state that, unfortunately, the evidence that the police submitted into court that proves they had no right to form their beliefs have been edited/deleted from the transcripts that they are relying upon!


I will go into this in more detail later.

Part 1


Regarding this trial; first of all, it is important for you to know more about the complex disability that I have.


So I will start by explaining the definition of Vulnerable Adult.


A vulnerable adult is someone with the following problems:-

  • Have a learning disability

  • Have mental health problems

  • Have substance misuse problems

  • Have a long term illness or chronic condition

  • Have a physical disability.

1.  I am someone with a long term illness with a chronic condition.

2.  I am someone with mental health problems.

3.  It could be argued whether I am someone with a learning disability.  I am someone who struggles to read, understand and carry out simple instructions because of my brain injury.  Whereas some doctors claim that a learning disability is from birth.

This is so you understand, when I state the term vulnerable adult.



Part 2


The reason why I am classed as a vulnerable adult is because in October 2000 I suffered a serious brain injury.


Brain injury is classed as a hidden disability.


I was placed in the High Dependency Ward at Newcastle General Hospital where I can’t remember anything.


I was transferred back to Gateshead Queen Elizabeth Hospital after about a week.


Whilst still in hospital, I could not understand what I was reading when reading a newspaper.


I started standing in front of a mirror and reading out loud to prove to myself that I could read.


I proved that I could read, but still could not understand what I was reading about.


This would get me frustrated and could not understand what was happening.


At the same time, when I was talking to people, I was supposedly talking gibberish and not making any sense at all.  And not calling people by their correct names.


Some months later, after I had left hospital, tests were done where I could not name simple pictures.  I would instead, start giggling.


There was lots of other different types of tests that I was asked to do, but simply could not understand questions being asked.


Because of this, I was lucky enough to be chosen to start rehabilitation at Rehab UK (Tyne and Wear Brain Injury Vocational Centre)


Rehab UK was a new thing that had not been there for long before I started attending.


And now, Rehab UK is no longer available.  So to my knowledge there is nowhere for brain injury victims, like myself, to attend anymore for rehabilitation due to “lack of government funding” and “cut backs”.


So it must be noted for this trial that I believe that if anyone becomes a brain injury victim in the present day, then they are left in the same state for life with no rehabilitation on offer by the NHS.


This is what I was concerned about when this set up took place.



Part 3


I later learned that I was the first person to attend Rehab UK in Newcastle less than a year after becoming a brain injury victim.


Brain injury is very complex where everyone has different types of problems they must overcome during rehabilitation.


For example, one of my main problem was not understanding what I was reading about, which was classed as information processing problems.


Where an example of someone else, was that they would forget what they were told/doing ten minutes previously.


Or someone would say something, and then say it again ten minutes later.


One person who started on the same day as me must have been an extremely intelligent person.  He previously worked in the RAF.  And had some sort of complex job regarding the electrical side of fitting weapons to jet fighter planes.


He sustained his brain injury over five years previous to starting Rehab UK.


This person would never know where the toilets were.  He would need to go, whilst attending Rehab UK, approximately four times a day, five days a week. 


Before I restarted work, I had been at Rehab UK for about six months.  After six months, he still did not know how to find his own way to the toilet.


I noticed that people who had had their brain injury for years would not improve much, which is why I realised I was very lucky to attend within a year of mine.


When I returned to Rehab UK, after being forced out of work unlawfully, I realised most people who had recently started coming in for rehabilitation, had their brain injuries less than a year beforehand.


These people, like me, seemed to make improvements because of the cognitive training and rehabilitation they were receiving.


So it should be realised that there is people like me who have had some improvement in rehabilitation and people without any improvements because they have had no rehabilitation after becoming a brain injury victim.


Part 4


In Rehab, I learned that there is a stigma attached to being a brain injury victim.


We were trained to deal with it.


But after leaving Rehab UK, I had no idea how difficult life would become because of stigma, abuse, discrimination, etc.


In a Rehab UK medical journal it states how 80% of brain injury victims get finished from work and how 85% of those people remain unemployed for the rest of their lives.  I did not want to become one of those statistics.


But I was a victim of discrimination as soon as I went back work.


I was constantly being told to leave or they would make my life hell.


I became the only person within the factory where I worked to not have a job description.  Because of this, extra duties kept on being added to my job, which placed me under pressure.


During this time, which is confirmed by doctors, the way I was treat led to me becoming epileptic.


I was having approximately three epileptic seizures a day whilst in work because of the discrimination.


I was forced back on the sick because of the discrimination I was put through.


Whilst on the sick, the employers tried to terminate my employment contract unlawfully.  They failed!  But they still made it clear that I would no longer work for them.


I had no choice but to start legal action.


Whilst trying to take legal action against my employers, my employment contract was terminated unlawfully with the help of the Employment Tribunals, which is part of the HM Court and Tribunals system, which is where I am at now.


I have the proof that my employment contract was terminated unlawfully whilst trying to take legal action.  It was terminated by the use of a fraudulent document in August 2003.


I became one of them statistics mentioned in a Rehab UK journal.


I have had nothing but legal problems for 20 years since then.


I believe that, I, who am a vulnerable adult, who has been the victim of abuse by both the police and the courts since then.  My MP agrees, but continues to state how there is nothing she or parliament can do about my situation.


Unfortunately for me, the “Care Act 2014”, which is a Law on paper, does not protect people like me in real life.  Both the police and the judges in the courts abuse their positions.


Because of this, I am approximately £180,000 in debt that raises approximately £1,200 every month (8% interest).  This will continue to rise for the rest of my life, which means I am stuck in life with nowhere to go.


Because of the abuse that I am a victim of, and the debt that I am in because of it, I will never be able to even think about gaining employment in the future.  My life has been totally destroyed, ruined and wasted because I am a victim of abuse.


The way I had been unlawfully treat and abused by employers and the authorities in this country, which continues to be ignored by parliament, is the reason for the increase in my mental health problems.


There is nothing any doctor within the NHS can do about my mental health problems because of the ongoing causes, which continue to this day.


I did report the crime of fraud that I am a victim of to Northumbria police, but carried on being abused by Northumbria police.


Because of this, I was advised by CPS North East to start a complaint against Northumbria police.  This led to a claim against them in the small claims court.


Whilst making a claim against Northumbria Police, Northumbria Police were nasty towards me and said some horrible things which included “that they will have me” and they would “make sure I regret taking the force on for the rest of my life”.


I asked the police for recordings of telephone calls and transcripts of what had been said to me by the police.  They refused to provide me with any information for my claim against Northumbria police.


I then placed a Court Order into the courts for the evidence that I was a victim of discrimination, abuse and threats by Northumbria police, but was refused evidence, by a judge in court, on the grounds that it was not in the public’s best interest!


The attempted “set up” started at the same time (May/June 2020).


I will never know whether I (who the police know is a vulnerable adult) was purposely meant to be set up, or whether it was a coincidence.


I am just making you aware of the facts of abuse, discrimination and threats that I was a victim of from Northumbria Police by trying to report a crime, just before this set up occurred.



Part 5


I will now get on to what this actual case is about.


Because of the boredom of being in the house by myself with nothing to do, it felt that I was just stuck on the scrapheap. 


With all the legal problems that I was going through with the courts and the police, I was having serious, complex mental health problems whilst been stuck in the house all day, every day, by myself.


I was advised by doctors to find something to keep my mind occupied and switch off from all the bad thoughts I was having due to the abuse, discrimination and unlawful behaviour of the authorities.


I tried lots of different things.


One thing I was told about was adult chat/dating sites.


So during that time, for something to do, I tried different adult chat/dating sites on the internet after being told about them.


Before this set up occurred, I had been using these adult chat/dating sites for over 10 years.


It must be noted that within that 10 year period, I would have met somewhere in the region of 100 women.  Probably more!


Most were just for a chat in a public place where both realised there was no connection so we wished each other luck and said goodbye.


Some turned into relationships that lasted a few months.


Only once to my knowledge, has an attempted “set up” occurred.  I will repeat that it occurred at exactly the same time as threats were made to me by Northumbria police.


What I remember about it:-


  • An adult profile on an adult website started to send me sexual innuendos/double entendres straight from a Viz comic I used to read over 30 years ago.


  • Regarding my brain injury, I cannot remember things I have read about after my brain injury.  But I can remember lots of things (like what I read) before my brain injury.


  • So what was written in the messages sent to me was something that seemed to jog my memory.


  • I took this in a way that it could test my memory to make it better.


  • I presumed straight away that this was just another bored adult wanting to chat with a bit of daft banter.  And it was nothing serious.


  • I decided to test my memory and participate in what I thought was harmless adult chat.


  • So, I responded with sexual innuendos/double entendres back, just to take part in what I believed was nothing more than a joke, which was also testing my memory.


  • I believe this went on for three or four days.


  • Then a message was sent to me stating that the other profile was a minor.


  • At this point, I knew that this was not a proper/serious profile, but just a fake profile.


  • I can’t remember exactly what I stated, but replied making it clear that I knew they were not a minor; were probably a male my age, fake profile and might of mentioned the Viz comic.


  • Straight after that, another message was sent to me; for me to meet up so they could prove they were a minor.


  • I never had any intention of meeting anyone of that age.  I made it clear by sending a message back, stating that they were an adult trying to set someone up.


  • This is the truth and what is missing from Northumbria police’s evidence that they are using against me.


  • After that, I did not send another message to that person/profile first.


  • It was a few days later (maybes a week), when that person with a fake profile started asking me how I was doing, etc.


  • I did not restart the conversation, the police did!


  • This is where my brain injury took over my thought processing.


  • I am a brain injury victim who realised it was the same fake adult profile.


  • Whereas lots of brain injury victims who I have met would have forgot all about the previous conversation with the fake adult profile.


  • Other brain injury victims could have thought that it was someone new chatting to them.  And not the previous fake profile who claimed to be a minor.  Any brain injury victim/vulnerable adult could have totally forgot about previous contact and could easily have became involved again in the set up being orchestrated by the police.


  • I believe this to be discrimination and disgusting, as well as unlawful under the “Care Act 2014”.


  • At that time I did not know it was the police.


  • Attempts, by the police, to slowly get me into a position to meet up with the decoy carried on.


  • I never thought it was the police.  I never thought they could sink so low.


  • When this started and after thinking about it I did think it was a group of people trying to purposely set someone up to meet, where the police and the Evening Chronicle would be there and it would become a headline story in the local paper.  (This has happened in the past)


  • This is when I had the thoughts that the only type of person they are likely to con, entrap, or set up to meet up with, was a vulnerable adult.


  • It was in my head that that is whom they were trying to set up.


  • It is in my medical records that because of my brain injury, I have black and white thinking and how there are no grey areas.  So I have a strong perception of things that are wrong where I will not back down from.  Because of what I have been going through over the last 20 years, both the police and the courts already know this.


  • Because of my past experiences in Rehab UK, where I have witnessed brain injury victims, I thought they will catch someone out.  Like someone (like me) who doesn’t take in what they are reading, or someone who forgets who they were talking too and what about ten minutes ago (something that I have witnessed).


  • At that time, it was set in my mind how I believed that I had a duty to protect other vulnerable adults against these nasty horrible people who were purposely targeting vulnerable adults like me and other people who I had met at Rehab UK.


  • So I might have been wrong in keeping these people focused on me, but to me, it made sense because I was doing it to protect other vulnerable adults.


  • So if protecting vulnerable adults from being abused (set up) is a criminal offence, then I will have even less respect for the police and courts in this country.


  • Whether I made the right or wrong decision, I will state again that I did not commit any criminal offence, because I was 100% certain that it was a fake profile and the fake profile, like I stated directly to whoever was behind the fake profile, was an adult trying to set someone up.  And in my mind, whoever it was, was purposely trying to set up a vulnerable adult like me.


  • So during that time, I decided that I would keep these people concentrating on me in order to protect other vulnerable adults.


  • Hypothetically, I was making them believe that I was a fish on the end of their rod and they were reeling me in.


  • I wanted them to think that way and keep them focussed on me.  I will repeat, to protect other vulnerable adults.


  • I thought the police were supposed to protect vulnerable adults (Care Act 2014) and not take advantage of, or abuse them!


  • There was one day when I done the wrong thing (sending a picture).


  • On that day, which was early in the morning, I was extremely drunk.


  • My mind does not function normally ever and was not functioning correctly at all at that time on that day and the state I was in.


  • But in the bigger picture, I was 100% certain that it was an adult trying to set someone like me (a vulnerable adult) up.


  • So I stupidly, not thinking properly whilst drunk, did the wrong thing to keep whoever it was, concentrated on me.


  • I was being coerced, which is an illegal offence, to send a naked picture of myself to what I knew was a fake profile.


  • It might have been wrong and stupid, but it was not a criminal offence that I committed.


  • I repeat; I did it to keep whoever it was concentrated on me.  And make them believe they were reeling me in.


  • Because I knew at all times that it was an adult trying to set someone up.


  • They continually tried, several times to set up a meeting with me.


  • Usually when I was sober.


  • It never happened and was never ever going to happen.


  • So eventually, because they knew it would never happen, they gave up.


  • The last message that was sent to me stated something like, “it is obvious you don’t want to meet up, goodbye”.


  • The last message sent to me by the police is also missing from their recorded evidence.


  • I thought I had done as much as I could to protect other vulnerable adults.


  • I then just forgot about it all.


  • What happened concerning this issue was a one off thing.


  • During that spell of time; July – October 2020, I remember meeting 2 adult women.


  • Further proof that I did not take the fake profile serious.


I will repeat that it must be noted that a full transcript of messages sent between me and the fake profile is not available.


This means, vital evidence has not been placed into court by the prosecution.


  • It is the start; where police start sending me sexual innuendos and double entendres to me that is missing.


  • The part where I stated that I knew the fake profile was an adult trying to set someone up is missing.


  • And the last message, which was sent to me by the police, where they accept they will not set me up with a meeting, is also missing.


  • The full version of events has not been provided by Northumbria police.


  • So vital evidence, which proves that I knew that I was not committing any crime remains hidden or deleted by the prosecution!


Regarding this issue, I think it is important for the courts to know more about the contact that I had with the officer in charge of this case, DC Jon Wass.


He retired in March 2022.


Before I was charged, I rang him in January 2022 for an update into the case and how long it would take.


He told me that the investigations were finished and that it was at the back of a queue to be filed and sent to CPS.  He told me that he would try and complete the file and send it to the CPS before he retires in March.  He told me that he did not think there was enough evidence to charge me and said that he didn’t think I had anything to worry about.


I also asked him about my devices that they still had.


He told me that I should already have had them back because they had been thoroughly inspected by the police and all devices were negative.  But still, my main devices are still being withheld.


The fact that all my devices are negative is also an important point for the courts.


What the police were looking for on my devices simply does not exist!


Because I knew DC Jon Wass was retiring in March, I rang him again, either end of February or beginning of March for a further update.  He told me that he did not have the time to file case and send it off to CPS because it was unimportant.


He told me that the case would be handed over to someone else to complete and send off to the CPS.  Again, he told me that I have nothing to worry about and because of how busy they are it just takes time to be completed.


So it seems like it is different persons who were the decoy (B), the investigation officer in charge of this case (DC Jon Wass) who had seen all the evidence and the officer that completed the file in this case and handed over his/her file to the CPS in this case.



Part 6


Not long after I had been to court against Northumbria Police, regarding my claim in the small claims court against them, I was arrested at approximately 1:30am.


No warrant was shown, but property was taken away.


I did not know what police station I had been taken too (still do not understand why it was not my local one).


The police were purposely confusing me, a vulnerable adult, in the middle of the night.


Police desk officer asked what I had been brought in for.  Police stated that they were not sure and had been told by either Houghton Le Spring or Durham CID to bring me in for questioning.


Whereas, it was approximately ten hours later, it was two officers from Byker CID who interviewed me.


Approximately 11am solicitor gave me brief details.


Because what had happened was a one off, I explained everything that I could remember.


Solicitor told me that the fake profile was the police.


I was shocked and stated how I thought that was entrapment.


Solicitor agreed, but pointed out that police entrapment might be illegal in USA but it is totally legal in this country.


I was asked to give a statement so I did.


So I will state again how I am disgusted how police are allowed to entrap vulnerable adults in this country.  And if the entrapment/set up fails then the police still press charges against the person who they attempted, but failed to entrap/set up! 


In my case, the police have charged a vulnerable adult because they believe the vulnerable adult thought he was breaking the law!


Whereas no law was actually broken, so nothing makes sense to me!



Part 7


I have suffered serious mental health problems because of this event.


Because of my mental health problems, I had to get in touch with the correct people in Gateshead outpatients departments.


I had the opinion that Northumbria Police wanted a vulnerable adult to commit suicide because of the events and actions they purposely took against me.


Medical professionals agree and it is now in my medical records that I have suicidal ideation. 


This is because of the abuse and discrimination that I am a victim of by the police and the courts.  Nothing else!



 is helping CAB make me homeless
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