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The Bar Pro Bono Unit is a type of free legal aid.


They assess your case and decide whether to represent you or not.


The Bar Pro Bono Unit decided to take my case on and represent me.


Through the Bar Pro Bono Unit process, a Mr Joel Donovan of Cloisters Chambers was appointed to represent me against National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau (NACAB) in November 2010.


Joel was based in London.  We never met personally.  We had one video link up and a few phone calls.  He had all evidence regarding my claim, including my medical documents.  He always led me to believe that he would represent me against NACAB.


But at a pre hearing, two weeks before trial, he appeared via video link up in court.  I was also in court at that time.


He took me by surprise when he said to the judge in court that he had other engagements at the same time as my three day trial. 


He went on to state how he had had a telephone conversation with Dr Griffiths, my Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist  the night before.  And the consultant said to him that she thought I would be capable of representing myself at the complex three day-long hearing (copy of what is actually stated in consultant’s report can be seen on the page - Full Story part 4)


So according to Joel Donovan, my Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist drastically changed her mind and had the opposite opinion to what she written on my capabilities to represent myself in court.


I do not believe this!


So he went on to state that my claim would not have to be adjourned, I would just have to represent myself.


So all medical documents written by Dr Griffiths, my Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, made it clear that I was not capable of representing myself, but the judge in Newcastle accepted what Joel Donovan of the Bar Pro Bono Unit said to him from London.


Because of this, two weeks before trial, I had to get organised by myself for something that I was not capable of.


Still to this day, this does not seem right, but no one will answer any questions regarding this strange situation!


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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