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First of all, I believe the reason why a wrongful judgement was made, was because Newcastle upon Tyne County Court made the decision that it was a civil case when fraud, which is a criminal offence took place.


So right from the start, the courts did not realise what my claim was actually about.


Either that, or they purposely placed my case in front of a civil court judge (purposely covered it up) when they knew that the case was an accusation of a criminal offence.

A criminal offence is when a false instrument is submitted into court.  This false instrument was allowed to become legally binding by the Employment Tribunal Services (another reason for a cover up).


From the very beginning of my case, I made it clear that it was not just about the professional negligence/misrepresentation of Wilf Holt, who works for Gateshead CAB.


I made it clear how his misrepresentation terminated my employment contract on unlawful grounds.


I pointed out from the very start how I believed it was not just Wilf Holt who had acted unlawfully against me; but also Wragge & Co solicitors (Dunlop Tyres solicitors), ACAS and the Employment Tribunal Services who had also acted unlawfully against me and/or made mistakes that should be realised and put right by a judge inside of a court of law.


None of this was taken into consideration by Judge Walton.


  • Statement by Judge Walton states, “As I understand it the issue for the Court is not whether Mr Nesbitt’s employment was lawfully terminated, but whether he was properly represented by CAB


    Because of this, Judge Walton did not judge on the case that I set out, but on his own made up case, which I believe to be totally wrong!


  • Judge Walton ignored the fact that it was a false instrument that was written by Wragge & Co solicitors that became legally binding upon me and not an ACAS agreement.


  • Judge Walton ignored the fact that my own representative, who was highly experienced in employment law, knowingly signed a false instrument.  And it was him, not ACAS, who confirmed to the Employment Tribunal Services that an agreement had been reached between me and Dunlop Tyres.  An agreement that was simply not true.


  • Judge Walton ignored the fact that the Employment Tribunal Services allowed a Wragge & Co (fraudulent) document/false instrument to become legally binding upon me on the 18th August 2003 without ACAS’s involvement, when by law, “For the settlement to be binding, it had to be recorded on form COT3, completed by an ACAS officer”.


    When I found out about agreement that I had never agreed to on the 21st August 2003, I made it clear as soon as I could to the Wragge & Co solicitor, The Employment Tribunal Services and the Gateshead CAB manager that I had never agreed to anything and wanted it stopped, or I would fight it.


  • It was after I made this clear, an official COT3 form was then completed by an ACAS officer on the 27th August 2003 and was sent to the Employment Tribunals, which was received 29th August 2003.


  • Which is proof that a COT3 agreement became legally binding without the correct legal procedures being followed by act of law.


  • So the time line of events, which proved the truth, went completely ignored by Judge Walton.




 is helping CAB make me homeless
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