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Claim against Northumbria Police


On September the 11th 2020 at 10:00am I attended a court room in Newcastle Civic Centre to appeal against the decision made by District Judge Coulthard to strike me out of a claim I made against Northumbria Police for professional negligence and discrimination.

Judge Coulthard struck my claim out with the following judgment:-

"And NOT READING THE COURT FILE and it appearing that there was no reasonable grounds for the claimant bringing the claim and that he had no real prospects of success in tis claim".

District Judge Temple then claimed the above was just a typing error, which is why I have to appeal.

I told District Judge Temple that if it was a typing error, then District Judge Coulthard was in no position to strike me out, since no evidence had been submitted into court. All that had been submitted was my claim form (N1) and Northumbria Police's response.

District Judge Temple refused to reply, she just ignored me in the court room on that day.

Included in Northumbria Police's response, was:-

"the officers had considered the matter in detail but would not be investigating the matter further AS THEY DID CONSIDER A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED".

No question was raised by the courts if a typing error had been made there or not!

Because if there had of been, I would have made it clear and proved that it either was not a typing error, or it is a statement where they have admitted the truth!

Because this is a list of the crimes that I am a victim and have all the proof of:-

  • Fraud Act 2006 section 2 (1) (a) ((b) (ii)), (2) (a) (b)

  • Fraud Act 2006 section 4 (1) (a) (b)((c) (ii))

  • Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 Part 1, offences, 1-4

  • Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 Part 1, penalties etc, 6

  • Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 Part 1, Interpretation of part 1, 8(1) (a), 9(1) (a-d) and 10 (1)(a) (i) (ii) (iii) (c) (5)


But the above is the list of crimes that, according to Northumbria Police, are all civil offences!

This is what this appeal and claim was about; whether the above acts of fraud/forgery are criminal offences or civil offences?

  • According to solicitors and CPS, these are criminal offences.

  • According to Northumbria Police, these are civil offences.



So it seemed that I was stuck in the middle of an argument, which is why I had to bring this claim to court.  But the courts have struck me out because they refused to answer the question!

The reason I was struck out and believed that I would never overturn the judgment of being struck out before I attended court is because I am up against THE GREAT BRITISH (IL)LEGAL SYSTEM!

Reason why I was struck out

judgment - 11 sept 2020.png

What I learned in court on that day was something new, which I believe all members of the public need to be made aware of!


I have previously stated how I felt like I am stuck in the middle of an argument between two bodies of professionals in this small claim.

1) CPS North East and various solicitors who believe I am a victim of fraud. Which is a crime, so it should be reported to the police.


2) Northumbria Police who claim fraud is a civil matter, which cannot be reported by them.


This is why I took this to court, to see who is right and who is wrong.


I claimed professional negligence against Northumbria Police because I believed they were wrong. (Fraud is a criminal offence according to all government legislation.)

I was struck out by the courts because they state that my claim has no merit.

So I appealed.

In court, it was made clear to me why my claim had no merit.

I was shocked and surprised!


The reason I was given by Judge Freedman, was that it did not matter whether I was a victim of a criminal offence or a civil offence.


Because even if it was a criminal offence, then the police have no responsibility/duty to allow any victim of crime to report it!

Judge Freedman stated how police have no professional relationship with members of the public (I thought our taxes paid for the police, but I must be wrong) like doctors do with patients. He stated how they have "no duty of care" concerning any victim of crime.

So for this reason, anyone who is a victim of crime and reports it to the police; by law, the police don't have to do anything. They can, by law, stop the victim of crime from reporting it!

They have absolutely no duty to report any crime, which would help the victim to obtain justice.

So according to Judge Freedman, I "have reached the end of the road", not only with my small claim against Northumbria Police, but also reached the end of the road regarding obtaining justice for being a victim of fraud! (Fraud, which I have the evidence of. And because of it, I am over £100,000 in debt, which rises every day.)


Because of this, I am now starting to believe that there is no such thing as law and order in this country anymore.

And because of the way I have been treat by Northumbria Police and the court system, I believe if anyone wants justice against criminals, then it is up to the victim to get it without the involvement of the police or judiciary!

After The Judgment

I have just been back in touch with CPS North East. They refuse to comment on the judgment.


They continue to state that the only way they can get involved in criminal offences is if the police report it and pass information over to CPS. I asked, what am I supposed to do now that a judge has ruled that it is not the police's duty to report crime and pass it over to CPS.  CPS North East don't have any answers!

I have not reached the end of any road. I will continue to fight for justice!

I also phoned the Independent Office For Police Conduct to ask if the judgment was correct.  And asked for reasons why the police have no duty to report crime.

Who I spoke too, just made it clear nothing more can be done.


This is:

  • Proof that the police work to protect criminals and obstruct victims of crime from obtaining justice cannot be disputed!


  • Proof that Northumbria Police do not have to report a crime!


  • Proof that Northumbria Police and the courts protect criminals!


  • Proof that Northumbria Police can lie to any victim of crime! (Claim it is a civil offence that has taken place, so they will not report it.)


  • Proof that lies win in court!

Because after lying to the victim of crime, this is proof that The Great British (il)Legal System allows Northumbria Police to tell lies too a victim of crime, then the courts blame and charge the victim of crime for trying to get the crime realised by the courts, in order to obtain justice.

And like I have stated previously, no one has any answers on how a victim of crime (who has all the evidence that he/she is a victim of crime) can get justice!

So the question is:-

If the police are under no duty to report crime, then why didn't they just state that to me, instead of lying to me?

(by telling me it was a civil offence)


Because if I knew that the police are under no duty to report crime, then I would not have made that claim against Northumbria Police, so would not have any court costs to pay!

Because of this, I will refuse to pay one penny in court costs to Northumbria Police!

I will defend everything I own with my life!

All of this has been brought upon me because of:


The Great British (il)Legal System!


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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