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Part 6 was correct up until the date, 2nd April 2019.


I was due in court on that day where CAB were applying to the courts to give me notice to vacate my home so they could sell it, keep the money and leave me homeless.


That is when my MP became involved and seemed to persuade CAB and/or their solicitors not to do what they intended. 


All action was “stayed”.


CAB still have a charging order on my home, which I will never accept, so will carry on with my fight for justice!



My Current Fight For Justice


I have always believed that my claim was purposely ignored by Judge Walton to protect the Employment Tribunals Service in their mistake in allowing a fraudulent document/false instrument becoming legally binding (obviously) without the correct legal procedures being followed.


So the fact remains that I am a victim of fraud!


Because of this, I explained my situation to solicitors.  One solicitor gave me good advice. 


That was to get in touch with CPS North East because he thinks that the act of fraud was a criminal offence and not a civil offence, which was the court I was placed into.


Who I spoke to from CPS North East agreed that I am a victim of a criminal offence so should report it to the police.


Northumbria police refused to allow me to report it.  They claimed, without looking at any evidence, that this was a civil matter.


I told CPS North East of this and they told me to re-report the crime and if they don’t allow me to report it, start a complaint.


I went through the whole complaint process within the police service, which are supposed to protect people from crime, but carried on being ignored.


It got to the point where I had to make a decision on whether to put a claim into court against Northumbria police.


So I am now ongoing with a claim against Northumbria police to see whether the act of fraud in this country is no longer a criminal offence.  Because according to Northumbria police fraud is now, by act of law, just a civil matter.


See the Northumbria police report for more details on these events and what is happening.



 is helping CAB make me homeless
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