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My name is Brian Nesbitt and I suffered a serious brain injury in 2000.  My story explains how Gateshead Citizens Advice Bureau tried to make me homeless after being forced through an unfair trial. Circumstances also reveal, I believe, a cover up by the Newcastle upon Tyne Combined Courts.


After being suspended from work on medical grounds, I initially approached the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for help.


I was told by the Employment Tribunal Services that I needed representation at an Employment Tribunal for my claim of disability discrimination against my employers (Dunlop Tyres Ltd) because of my disability.


CAB "promised" to represent me at an Employment Tribunal, but they didn’t.  They signed a fraudulent document/false instrument that not only put a stop to my claim of discrimination, it also brought an end to my employment contract.


Unfortunately for me, the Employment Tribunal Services allowed the fraudulent document/false instrument that was submitted to become legally binding.  This was the start of my ongoing problems.


As far as the Employment Tribunal Services were concerned, if I never agreed to a so called “settlement” that CAB claimed, then it was up to me to start legal proceedings against them for misrepresentation.  So I did.


After a prolonged legal battle with the CAB which will be explained in greater detail regarding the fraudulent/false settlement, which made me the victim unemployed from work, they then went on to claim court costs which unbelievably came to the amount of approximately £70,000 plus 8% interest per year.


Because of this, the Citizens Advice Bureau was granted a charging order over my home. 


For a time, CAB tried to seek the eviction of an ex-client who they misrepresented in his time of need.


The Citizens Advice Bureau went through the legal process, to evict me, who am their ex-client, also a serious brain injury victim, from my home and make me homeless!


I believed that this action is wholly inappropriate for the Citizens Advice Bureau and flies in the face of the purpose to which the Citizens Advice Bureau is dedicated.


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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