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Treatment of Northumbria Police

In August 2015, something that I already knew was confirmed by a solicitor. 


That was that the COT3 agreement that was submitted into the Employment Tribunals and became legally binding was not an official ACAS COT3 form, but a “false instrument”.


I was told that anyone who submits a false instrument into the courts is committing an illegal offence, so I was advised to report it to the police.


I reported it to the police and handed documents in.  These documents included the “false instrument” and copies of the Fraud Act 2006 section 2 and 4, as well as other evidence.


In the middle of the night, Northumbria police posted my documents back through my door.


When I woke up and seen them I wondered why Northumbria police had just done that without any explanation.


After getting in touch with Northumbria police, someone told me that no crime has been committed, it was a civil offence, and so what has happened has nothing to do with them.


At that time, I just believed the police.

But I still carried on trying to find out how a false instrument was allowed to become legally binding and what I could do about it in order to fight for justice.


After about a year of going round in circles, contacting different help/legal groups, I was told to contact CPS North East.


CPS North East only deals with criminal offences.


Whom I spoke to from CPS North East said that it seemed like a criminal offence, which is an act of fraud, had happened.  So I should report it to the police.


I replied by saying that I had already done that, but according to the police it is a civil matter, so I can’t report it.  I was told to re-report it, so I did.


The police carried on saying it was a civil matter, and they refused to speak to me about it.


So I got back in touch with CPS North East who explained that it is a criminal offence that had been committed and the only way they can deal with this offence is if it is reported to the police and then the police pass the evidence to them. 


They told me that it must be reported and if the police refuse to allow me to report the crime, then I should make an official complaint.

So I went back to Whickham police station and tried to explain the situation I was stuck in.


The Crown Prosecution Services telling me that this is a criminal offence and how it was the duty of the police to send the evidence to the CPS and allow them to make a decision on whether this should be sent to the criminal courts.  Whereas, Northumbria police were telling me it is a civil matter.


Northumbria police just continued to be ignorant and accused me of being someone who didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.  They were treating me as if I was stupid, so I was offended!


So I started with my complaint against Northumbria police.  Click here to view

I was just being passed round in circles; different departments telling me to complain to different departments (eg IPCC, Police & Crime Commissioner (Vera Baird), Professional Standards Department, etc).


Eventually, someone called Malcolm Herbert phoned me where he was nothing but abusive and discriminatory towards me.  He would not allow me to speak.  He continued to tell me how thick and stupid I was before hanging up on me.


So now I had two complaints to make against Northumbria police.


I did apply for the recording of that phone call, to prove I had been discriminated against, but continue to be denied it.

telephone conversationNorthumbria police
00:00 / 00:41

Courts believe it is right for the police to cover up evidence against the police.

If no act of discrimination occurred, then I believe Northumbria police would have gladly handed the evidence over to prove me wrong.  But they continue to keep it hidden and/or destroyed.


During the complaints, I carried on supplying evidence regarding the act of fraud using documents such as; proof of what happened against me, Government Legislation, Home Office Codes and Criminal Acts of Law.  And I continued to ask the question why all official documents were being ignored by Northumbria police.


No reason was ever given and the complaints continued to be ignored.

So I was forced to make a choice on whether to give up, which is what Northumbria police wanted me to do, or place a claim against Northumbria police.


Because of the way they treated me, I believed that I had no option but to place a claim in against Northumbria police for professional negligence and discrimination.


In compliance with CPR section 2, I tried to seek a resolution to resolve the matter.


In reply, Northumbria police claimed that I had accused them that their professional negligence and discrimination was the cause of my brain injury.  I believed I was dealing with idiots!


So I had no option but to start legal proceedings.


First day in Court versus Northumbria police, they claimed that I was not capable of representing myself because of my brain injury.


The judge in court agreed, so it was ordered that I had to provide evidence and have a Certificate as to Capacity to Conduct Proceedings Form filled in by a qualified consultant.


My GP was not in a position to fill that type of form in.  Click here to view doctors letter

After going back to court, I was directed to still have a capacity form filled in for the courts.


I followed directions, but still could not have the form filled in by anyone.  Click here for consultants letter

So because the courts directed me to the wrong people to have a Certificate as to Capacity to Conduct Proceedings Form filled in, I was struck out!  See below


The judgment states that it was my view that I lacked capacity to conduct litigation.  In reality, I might agree with that, but it was actually Northumbria police who stated that in court and not me!


Also, it is also stated that my “claim is totally without merit”.  That has been decided by District Judge Coulthard after, in his own words, “not reading the court file”. 


So how does he know my claim is without merit? 


The truth is, we never reached the stage of submitting evidence into court, so there was no significant “court file” to read!


  1. I was still ongoing trying to obtain evidence regarding discrimination. 

  2. And no bundle had been sent into court regarding professional negligence.


So I am now ongoing with an appeal to reverse the decision of being struck out by District Judge Coulthard, and will have to wait until September 2020 for the next hearing.


Update - 1st June 2020

notice of hearing 29 may.png


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