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I thought the Citizens Advice Bureau were an independent free service set out to help people who are facing problems.


I believed that they give nothing but help to people.


But it is CAB, now known as the "Citizens Advice" who tried to make me homeless.


CAB claimed over £100,000 in court costs, then awarded about £70,000 in court costs from me, which continues to rise at 8% per annum (which continues to drive me mad).


And because they got me finished from work illegally, I am obviously not in a position to pay that money back. 


So they applied for a charging order on my home.


The courts granted CAB a charging order on my home, so they started putting pressure on me.


They started to intimidate me to do what they say or, they would try and evict me from my property and make me homeless.


CAB did make me an offer, which I found intimidating, for me to maybes stay in my home. 


That offer consisted of:


    1.  Me paying them £30,000 that I don’t have!


    2.  Me withdrawing my court costs that they owe me.  They claim £950 whereas I believe it to be in the                     region of £20,000.  (after writing this - I was awarded approx £12,500) 


    3.  And by me allowing them to inspect my property (by a building surveyor on an annual basis) whilst I                       agree to insure and maintain the property in a good condition of repair!


So they offered me this, after they have left me struggling financially without a job!


  • And if they make a decision, after inspecting my home, that I am not looking after it to their required standard, they can then make me leave my home without going through any legal procedures, or me standing in their way so that they can sell my home and leave me homeless.


It is obvious to me what they tried to do, because if you add all that up:


  • £30,000 up front payment


  • Court costs that they still owe me (approx. £12,500)


  • And the value of my property (approx £90,000 at the time)


Then that would mean they would be taking, nearly twice as much money from me as to what their court costs actually are.


So that was their offer to me, which they know was an impossibility for me to even think about!


So, at that moment in time, in their words, they are “now minded to make an application for an order of sale of the property” that I live in.


Would Citizens Advice treat anyone like this, or do this to anyone?


The answer is yes -

They done it to me!


See Part 7 for update.


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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