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DAC Beachcroft solicitors, who represent the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), used to operate under the name “Davies Arnold Cooper”.


So whenever I state the name DAC Beachcroft, I am also referring to Davies Arnold Cooper.


DAC Beachcroft are not local solicitors.  They are “grade 1” solicitors based in London.  The solicitors used were mainly on “pay band A”.  It was the most expensive solicitors in the UK whom CAB used!


Below is a guideline to show how expensive they are.

solicitors rates.png

Why would CAB use the most expensive solicitors in the UK?


I believe it was because they knew they were protecting a liar.  And to protect a liar who worked for them, they needed the best professional liars (solicitors) in the country to represent them!


CAB and their solicitors did make me an offer to drop my case:-

dac 1.png

Why would they make me an offer if their client was not guilty of being involved with terminating my employment contract illegally?


CAB knew they were protecting a liar in court, so paid for the most expensive solicitors in the UK to protect a liar in court!


Unfortunately for me, professional lies worked in court against me the victim, which I have proof of, but continues to be purposely ignored inside of every court room.


I think, enough said regarding the solicitors CAB used.


Because solicitors are just another part of The Great British (il)Legal System!


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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