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I was passed on from GMB Union to Thompsons solicitors in April 2003.


In May 2003, I was officially told by Thompsons solicitors that the GMB Union Shop Steward would give evidence on the company’s behalf.  Proof that the GMB Union Shop Steward was trying to help Dunlop Tyres terminate my employment contract.


For this reason, Thompsons solicitors advised me to withdraw my claim.


It was obvious to me that Thompsons solicitors were showing a conflict of interests as soon as I met them.  The only people Thompsons solicitors were willing to protect was the GMB Union who illegally told me over the phone that I was already finished from work and should just go in and sign a form accepting that I am finished from work.


Thompsons solicitors made their decision not to represent me before an ET3 form had been received, which is against their own rules/guidelines:-


  • Appendix 2, What happens next – After the ET3 has been received and discovery has been completed we will review your case.


This was an ET3 form that was actually struck out by the Employment Tribunal Chairman when I went by myself.  Proof that Thompsons solicitors believed lies ahead of the truth!


Dunlop had to provide another ET3 form with an attempt of telling the truth.


Proof that Thompsons solicitors, believed GMB Union Shop Steward and were acting against me and not in my best interests.


After paying GMB Union subs for approx 10 years, Thompsons solicitors tried to get me to pay them privately if I wanted representation from them, because the GMB Union refused to provide legal support.  I believe because the GMB Union knew that their Shop Steward treated me unlawfully.


So they asked me to pay them, when I knew they had a conflict of interests against me and in favour of the GMB Union!  So it seemed pointless.


I refused, so their only advice was for me to speak to the GMB Union to seek assistance to return to work.  This was after the GMB Union made it clear that they would not give me any assistance for negotiations on me returning to work. 


The GMB Union would only assist Dunlop Tyres in terminating my employment contract unlawfully!


So I was left in a position where the GMB Union would tell me to seek assistance from Thompsons solicitors at the same time as Thompsons solicitors telling me that it is the GMB Union who should assist me in returning to work!

Proof that Thompsons solicitors and GMB Union, who were supposed to act in my best interests, just carried on pointing their fingers at each other on who’s job it was to sort my work related problems out.


And because neither of them did, my employment contract was terminated unlawfully!


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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