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In my report, I will point out the very few good, as well as the very bad!

After speaking to ACAS over the phone, I was advised to phone the Citizens Advice Bureau and state the same to them and have everything recorded, because according to ACAS, everything stated by the GMB Union Shop Steward was wrong!

I never had any problems with Washington CAB. 


Press for Washington CAB Case Record Sheets on what was discussed.


wash cab.png

They were horrified by the way I was being treated inside of Dunlop Tyres.  They knew everything was wrong and wanted to support me.  Unfortunately, Washington CAB did not have the resources to represent anyone inside of an Employment Tribunal.


These Record Sheets are just on here to prove that I am not making anything up.  Everything I say is nothing but the truth!


Records show:


  • How extra work was placed upon me and the GMB Union Shop Steward told me, “just do whatever management ask”.


  • How I was told by the GMB Union Shop Steward that I have no job.


  • Explained how I wanted my job back and do not want to start receiving pension at 32 years of age.


  • How I was told that I wouldn’t be paid by Dunlop anymore.  (According to Dunlop Tyres, GMB Union and Thompsons solicitors, I just made this story up and by some strange coincidence an administration error occurred.  I believe this to be proof that GMB Union and Thompsons solicitors were on Dunlop’s side.)


  • Because of what Dunlop, GMB Union and Thompsons solicitors were saying, Washington CAB advised me to consider tribunal action for disability discrimination.


  • How I made it clear to Washington CAB, because of the way I had been spoken too by Thompsons solicitors, I did not believe that they would help me with my claim because they knew that the GMB Union were siding with Dunlop Tyres to terminate my employment contract.  (I later found out that the GMB Union stopped funding to Thompsons solicitors.  Why?  I know why!)


  • Washington CAB understood that my only objective was to keep my job.


  • Washington CAB knew I was disadvantaged because of my disability, so needed help and support.


  • Proof that what I had been told by the GMB Union Shop Steward was not made up.  And it was not a coincidence.


  • How I was advised by Washington CAB to explain my situation to the regional office of the GMB Union.  I did, but was ignored!


  • Proof that I was advised by DHSS (DWP) that if I walked away from my job that I wouldn’t get certain benefits, which is further proof that I would not have agreed to leave work the way in which it is claimed I did.

Eventually, I was passed on to Gateshead CAB who created all my legal problems.



 is helping CAB make me homeless
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