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Wilf Holt of Gateshead CAB “promised” to represent me at an Employment Tribunal to help me return to work under DDA 1995.  But he did not.


On the 12th August 2003, Wilf Holt represented me for the first time at the Employment Tribunal Buildings for my claim of disability discrimination against Dunlop Tyres Ltd.


The reason the hearing was called was because Dunlop Tyres Ltd refused to supply me with vital evidence that they were ordered to give me.  It was classed as “vital evidence” by the Employment Tribunals, not me.  And if Dunlop Tyres Ltd did not supply me with that vital evidence by a certain date, then I could apply for a “strike out” order against Dunlop Tyres Ltd.


I did not receive the vital evidence, so I personally wrote an application, in order to strike Dunlop Tyres Ltd out of my claim of Disability Discrimination against them. 


This was to win my claim of disability discrimination against Dunlop Tyres Ltd!


A hearing was called for 12th August 2003.


I instructed Wilf Holt to strike out Dunlop Tyres Ltd before we entered into the Employment Tribunal hearing room.  He said he would attempt too.


But when the hearing got under way, he did not.  He asked the Employment Tribunal Chairman for the vital evidence to be withdrawn because he classed it as “irrelevant information regarding my case”.


I disagreed with Wilf Holt’s point of view, but he refused to do what I instructed him to do.


I made this point clear to the Employment Tribunal Chairman.  But the Employment Tribunal Chairman stated that I was not allowed to speak and only my representative could speak during the hearing.  This left me gobsmacked!


So after instructing my representative to say what I had instructed him to say several times, he carried on refusing.


I kept on bringing this point up with the Employment Tribunal Chairman, who then went on to say, that if I say anything else inside of the hearing room, then it would be me who will be struck out of the Employment Tribunal and not Dunlop Tyres Ltd.


So I had no choice but to sit down and stay quiet whilst my representative continued to tell a lie in front of me, which I am in no doubt, was misrepresentation.


I was later to find out that the possibility of a conflict of interests was highly likely to have happened because of my representative had links with the unions.


The vital evidence was actually proof that the GMB Union had acted alongside Dunlop Tyres Ltd in trying to terminate my employment contract on totally “illegal grounds”, according to ACAS.


Because of what happened on that day (misrepresentation), I tried to get a transcript of what had been stated by me, Wilf Holt and the Employment Tribunal Chairman inside of that hearing.


I was told by the Employment Tribunal Services that I would have to place a Court Order into the courts to be given a transcript of what had been stated inside that hearing.


I placed Court Orders into Newcastle upon Tyne County Court on more than one occasion.


Every judge I asked, refused to serve a Court Order to the Employment Tribunal Services.


I believe Newcastle upon Tyne County Court purposely obstructed me from obtaining vital evidence which proved I had been misrepresented by my representative Wilf Holt, who worked for Gateshead CAB.


I believe that was the day when Wilf Holt decided not to represent me with my claim of disability discrimination against Dunlop Tyres Ltd.  And is when he started the private negotiations that terminated my employment contract without my authority or knowledge!


The misrepresentation which happened from that day went totally ignored by Judge Walton throughout my trial, which took place 15th-17th November 2010.


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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