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When I returned to work after a serious head injury the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA 1995) is set in place to protect disabled people. 


Not all employers abide by DDA 1995 employment laws.  In my case, Dunlop Tyres did not.


One of the reasons why people join unions is to be protected by employment laws such as DDA 1995.

I received no help or protection from the GMB Union!


Like I have already stated on this site, just after I returned to work, the GMB Union Shop Steward made it clear to me that he would never help me out with the discrimination I was being put through.  He just made it clear that I should think myself lucky to still have a job.  He made it clear that if I could not manage the ridiculous amount of unfair work I had to do, then I should just leave.


On one occasion inside of work, he had a right go at me, accusing me of placing a claim of disability discrimination against Dunlop Tyres when I hadn’t.  So he must have known that I was a victim!


Why else would he accuse me?


Because of the extra work placed on to me, which I believe was discrimination I started having epileptic seizures at work.


That led to me having to have more time off work.


Whilst recovering from epilepsy, which hospitals concur was caused by the pressure and stress caused by Dunlop Tyres that GMB Union refused to help me with, the GMB Union Shop Steward did phone me on the 18th December 2002 to tell me that I had been dismissed from work on medical grounds. 


Because Christmas was approaching, I just ignored what had been said.


I was definitely called again on the first working day in 2003 (3rd January) where I was told again that my employment contract had been terminated and I would not be paid again by Dunlop Tyres.  So I should go in and see him (GMB Union Shop Steward) to sign a form to accept the termination of my employment contract, if I wanted to start receiving a pension.

I told him that I wouldn’t, so phoned ACAS.  (See ACAS and Washington CAB reports)


On that exact day, my pay was stopped!

Things escalated from that point onwards, which resulted in me placing a claim of disability discrimination against Dunlop Tyres.


Again, I thought unions were supposed to help victims of discrimination in these situations. 


How wrong I was regarding the GMB Union!


I was passed from the GMB Union to Thompsons solicitors.  Thompsons solicitors refused to make any investigation because of a conflict of interests (GMB Union).


I later found out that the GMB Union withdrew funding to Thompsons solicitors.  No reason has ever been given by the GMB Union.

The GMB Union agreed with their Shop Steward and Dunlop Tyres Personnel Officer that I made a story up and it was total coincidence that my wages stopped on the exact same day.  Thompsons solicitors believed the GMB Union and not me, even though the proof was placed on record by Washington CAB!


So I paid all those years of Union subs for absolutely nothing!



  • See Thompsons solicitors report


 is helping CAB make me homeless
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